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· Unity 3D R&D Engineer

Job Requirements:

    1. Familiar with C ++/C# and object-oriented programming, with rigorous logical thinking ability, good at reading code, self-learning ability.

    2. Must have developed one or more complete projects using Unity3D

    3. Must be full of team spirit and professionalism, as well as the ability to solve problems independently

    4. Familiarize yourself with Unity efficiency tuning and resource management prioritization

    5. A knowlege of the foundations of 3D graphics is preferred

    6. love the game, the mobile game is full of enthusiasm, a high degree of responsibility and resilience

· English Translator

Job Responsibilities:

    1. Translation of technical documents for Apple App Store Great China

    2. Translation of Apple global products for localisation

Job Requirements:

    1. Good English reading,writing and communication abilities;

    2. Familiar with internet and mobile internet business;

    Candidates Requirements:

    1.Either Intern or full time work is acceptable, 3-4 days full time work per week is required for interns;

    2.Candidates from UK/ Hong Kong/Taiwan would be better preferred.